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Christian Hunters of America

3 minutes 16 seconds ago

A huge thank you to YOU! We are just Finishing up the clean up and are honored, humbled for your support! We had this photo sent of Isabella receiving her first fishing pole and cousin Mariah. Why we do it😍 for Gods glory!

Paint Werkz LLC

Christian Hunters of America

4 hours 7 minutes ago

Thank you for supporting us!!

Stop by the Christen hunters of America annual Elk seminar tonight and say hello.

You’ll learn a lot about elk habitat, biology, hunting and so much more. Best part is it’s free to attend.

Doors open at 5pm!

Lots of vendors, and raffles! Bring non perishable canned goods and you’ll get a ticket per can to be entered into a special raffle, one of the prizes is a $150 Paint Werkz gift certificate towards our refinishing services.

Christian Hunters of America

5 hours 19 minutes ago

Good stuff