Cool video sent to us from one of our members !  Good luck to everyone still out there getting after it and for those who’s season hasn’t started yet
Our good friend John from @iwo32_7 was successful on his archery Coues hunt.  Congratulations on a stud buck!
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We’re partnering with @arizonamuledeerorganization to present an incredible Deer hunting seminar next month. 

Make sure you save the date!

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The CHA podcast was started to expand our ministry, help teach hunters young and old and create fellowship. We also want to help broaden the outdoor community awareness of all the incredible businesses, organizations, products, services and talk about the various outdoor communities through an educational experience. Each guest is encouraged to tell their story how their product, service and or organization came to life and their impacts on the greater good of helping others through their means. Our hunting discussions follow a similar format as our long standing hunting and fishing seminars that will allow open dialog to bring to light the incredible hunting methods, tactics, insights and knowledge by allowing the listener to be educated from our incredible guests. Each podcast is an organic free flowing discussion that allows the guest to freely express their personal history, knowledge and story while we engage and ask impactful questions to expand additional information as the discussion opens up. Just as we all do around a camp fire, the longer we fellowship, the more we learn about each other and our podcast is no different, building relationships. At the end of every episode we pray and yes, we love to pray for each other with a prayer through thanksgiving for the great opportunity to podcast together. In the bible James 5:13 discusses prayer and praise! “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sign songs of praise.”


Our CHA YouTube channel is about allowing everyone who may not be able to be present at our seminars to watch virtually. Including having access to the incredible speakers whom teach/ mentor and offer incredible information on hunting tactics, insights and processes that allows everyone to return to revisit those key points when they need a refresher. Additionally, we have started adding our own few videos trying to create additional educational opportunities. Hope you enjoy and benefit from this new platform.


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