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Our latest podcast is out. 

In this episode we had the distinct honor of speaking with Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman.  We’ll be discussing faith, our duty to be stewards of our landscape and animals along with discussing what’s in his new book, On Hunting. 

Lt. Col. Grossman is a fellow Christian who shares our beliefs that we have dominion over the animals God created. He explains why hunters are the some of the best conservationists in the world and it is our responsibility to continue this work and educate others about being stewards of this land.  We share some great stories and hear the insight from Lt. Col. Grossman about faith and hunting. 

We know you’ll enjoy this episode as much as we did. 

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From  @howl_org 

There's a lot going on.  Too much detail to write everything out here.

First off, it's a ballot initiative - meaning if it gets enough signatures then it will be on the 2024 ballot for Colorado residents to vote on.  Meaning, they'll be the decision makers over wildlife management - not the biologists or wildlife managers.  This is not a bill that senators, congressmen or representatives will vote on. 

This will be a battle over truth, definitions, and the general public's perception. 

In our latest blog we've attached a few articles, one from @congressionalsportsmen & one from @rmef_official. Three podcasts from @bloodorigins , @houndsman_xp_podcast & @soulseekersnation . 

After that you'll find some info graphics on the facts and rallying cry that link to @c.r.w.m .  They'll largely be spearheading this effort in Colorado to get the truth out. 

Much, much more will be coming along. 

Stay tuned. 

Link is story, profile and web at

Don’t forget our Deer Hunting seminar is next Tuesday at @oasisphx !!

We’ve partnered with @arizonamuledeerorganization and have some great guest speakers on hunting deer here in AZ. 

Hope to see everyone there
@iwo32_7 put on a great youth camp again and all 4 kids tagged out.  Incredible fellowship and memories shared by all.  God has blessed this organization and @christianhuntersofamerica loves partnering and supporting our friends. 

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Thank the Lord guys like @chadrobo_official and others are using their large platform to open the eyes, hearts and minds to many across this nation to our lord and savior Jesus Christ.  We need Jesus now more than ever.  The Bible is Gods true words and can bring you out if your deepest despair and guide you on this life that he created for you.  He has a roadmap and it’s up to us to spread the gospel and follow his word. 

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A blessed week in the woods!
Another one of our own got it done at last light yesterday!  Congratulations @kishs10 !

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Our very own @howardframpton got it done yesterday!  Way to go brother!
Coming out heavy!

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