An Introduction to CHA…

Christian Hunters of America (CHA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit and a non-denominational bible-centered hunting organization that was founded in 2001 and formerly known as Desert Christian Archers. Our passion and desire were to spread the salvation of Jesus Christ in the archery and bowhunting communities!

As the organization and passion grew over the years, it was clear that we needed to go to the next level to open the doors wider so we could reach out to more individuals beyond the deserts of the Southwest and beyond just archery hunting. In 2017 we launched our new national brand Christian Hunters of America. We’re still the same good ‘ole boys and gals, but we’ve opened our arms to include all hunters. Our primary mission to serve is based on Ministry, Seminars, and Hunts.

We are best known for our annual Elk Hunting Seminar where attendance has exceeded 1500 people who learned hunting tactics, tips, and techniques from our Pro Staff! We are also very active throughout the year as we host various archery clinics, hunting seminars and even provide archery equipment for group events as well.

We have a varied membership from archery target shooters, bow hunters, rifle hunters and some folks who just come for the Christian fellowship! Being a very family oriented club…all are welcome!

David Myrick

David is one of the original founder of CHA! Starting with Desert Christian Archers in 2001 to the evolution into Christian Hunters of America in 2017. Teaching people about hunting and Christ has been a rewarding passion! Spending time with friends and family is important to David along with serving others!

PJ Selinski

PJ Selinski has been active in CHA since 2011. His love of the outdoors and specifically bowhunting has been passed down to his son Pete. God and family always come first but hunting and being outdoors is always on his mind. This deer hunt in 2018 was the most memorable hunt since Pete was there for the stalk and shot. Then Pete did all the blood trailing and helped with the pack out. Spending time in the outdoors is where real life happens.

Bill McGriff

Bill McGriff is a self-proclaimed “Jesus Freak”! He can’t remember a time when he didn’t love God… or hunting. His wife, 3 kids, and he are all natives to Phoenix, born and raised. He enjoys spending time with his family and the great outdoors; camping, hiking, archery hunting, predator hunting and fishing, and has a passion for serving God through community outreach, service, and volunteering.

Chet Gray

Chet started with CHA in 2016, after becoming aware of CHA after taking his family to the AZGFD Outdoor Expo. Chet remembers CHA running the 3D archery event and letting his young son and wife experience shooting a bow for the first time. That event led him to become more interested in CHA and began attending various seminars and regular meetings. He's learned a lot while being surrounded by like-minded members. Fast forward to today and now he's actively involved in all things CHA and have made lifelong friends - and most importantly have a stronger relationship with the Lord.

Mike Ornoski

Mike started with CHA in 2002. He was so impressed with the organization, that it is now part of him. One of his memorable hunts was about 10 years ago when his son and daughter were 10 and 11. The weekend was filled with laughter, excitement and with them both harvesting turkeys. He still remembers the smiles of joy they each had and they still talk about years later.